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Mel B’s “meltdown” over eye health ahead of Dublin concert

Her eye flared up once again at Dublin rehearsals.


Scary Spice Mel B reportedly had a “meltdown” ahead of the Spice Girl’s Dublin gig in Croke Park on Friday.

The singer feared that her health would get in the way of giving a good performance.

Speaking to The Sun, Mel explained that her eye issues ahead of the concert knocked her confidence.

She told the paper: “I was thinking,  ‘Oh my god, I’m going to go blind. What about the tour? What the hell am I going to do?’ I was having a meltdown.”

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“The whole thing started late on Friday morning, when my right eye went blurry.”

“Then pretty quickly it got worse and worse and then suddenly I just completely lost vision in that eye and my left also started to get blurry.

“I went into a complete panic because I thought I was going to go blind.”


Mel sought treatment for the pain and loss of vision, and went right back to rehearsing for the Dublin tour date.

However, once in Ireland and rehearsing on stage at Croke Park, her eye issue flared up once again.

“I had to run off stage, causing total panic. I just kept both my eyes shut with tears pouring down my face and eventually, after about 15 minutes, my vision came back,” she detailed.

Luckily, Scary Spice showed no signs of ill health on the night of the gig, keeping in perfect step with the killer choreography and belting out nostalgic hit after hit.

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