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Mel B reveals SPICE GIRLS are performing at Royal Wedding

Mel B has revealed that the spice girls are performing at the Royal Wedding while appearing on The View.

With the Spice Girls making a come back, fans were sent into a frenzy when Mel B revealed details about the girl band and the Royal Wedding.

When asked whether she knew any fellow Britons who had been invited to the wedding she spilled huge news.

“Yeah, I’m going I don’t know if I should’ve said that! I’m going to be fired.”

The singer then revealed she had received a “proper” invitation from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Mel continued “Well us five Spice Girls have invitations, why am I so honest.”

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Throwing her cue cards in the air, her co-host screamed and ran around the studio shouting  “Yes they are performing! YES!”

When the presenter pried for more details about how she received the invitation the Spice Girl finally exercised some restraint.

“It’s getting too personal to describe it. It was proper, I’m not saying any more.”

Credit: Chris Connor / WENN

It is understood that invitations to non-performing wedding guests have not yet been posted.

Do you figure the Queen loves Posh Spice?


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