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Mel B ‘needs to do some serious grovelling’ after claiming she had a one-night stand with Geri Halliwell

The singer was reluctant to talk about her relationship with her bandmate


Mel B reportedly “needs to do some series grovelling” after she claimed she had a one-night stand with Geri Halliwell.

The 43-year-old made the claim on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories and said that her bandmate wouldn’t be happy with her.

Piers revealed the clip of Mel’s claim this morning on Good Morning Britain, as it showed the mother-of-three nodding her head when the presenter asked if her and Geri had slept together “like that”.

Mel then said that the singer “is going to hate me for this” and a source has since told The Sun that her bandmate thinks she has “blown it out of all proportion.”

“Mel messaged the girls to tell them about what she had said after filming the interview, but she didn’t even say sorry. She needs to do some serious grovelling to make up with Geri. This isn’t something she’s going to forget easily,” they said.

“Mel insists it’s true, but Geri says she’s blown it out of all proportion,” they added.

“It’s not ideal as rehearsals for the tour begin within weeks and they are going to be spending a lot of time together. It’s not going to derail the reunion and they’re all still excited about going back out on the road together, but it’s done damage to their personal friendship.”

Geri has yet to respond to Mel’s claims.

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