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Why Meghan Markle was pushed to lie about her age

Meghan Markle has recently revealed that she was told to lie about her age .

Meghan 36, is engaged to marry Prince Harry who is 33 years old.

But recently was told to lie about her age and say she was under 30.

John Rainford/

“I think that as women actors, the industry can assume they have a shelf life,” she said in 2015 according to The Sun UK.

“I’m 33 and I’m really happy about that . I’m always told don’t say your age”

Meanwhile, the royal couple has left Prince William in an awkward situation.

Prince Harry announced the couple are due to wed on the 19th of May 2018. Which is the same day as the FA cup final.

It is told that Kensington Palace and FA cup are working on these dates so Will might be able to attend both.


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