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Megan Barton Hanson reflects on feeling ‘sad and broken’ in candid post

"People put on a front..."


Megan Barton Hanson has reflected on feeling “sad and broken” in a candid new post.

The Love Island star took to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday to share a throwback video from two years prior, admitting she “barely recognised” herself.

“Obviously it’s me,” the 26-year-old wrote, “But I look so sad and broken. So I wanted to share two things with you…”

“1) People put on a front. Check on your friends and family,” she urged her followers.

“Especially the most outwardly happy, wealthy, loud, successful and strong ones. They can be the best at masking their mental health because they are the ‘strong one’.

“2) Just a gentle reminder to love yourself especially through the dark times. When you can’t see things getting better anytime soon, I promise they will.

“Life and your mental health are journeys, constant ups and downs but the highs are so much more special when you’ve pulled yourself out of that low.”

“That got so deep but yeah shocked me to see how sad I looked,” Megan added, “And if my rambling resonated with even a few of you that’s the goal.”

The reality star previously opened up about feeling “really really c**p” in an emotional Instagram video, reminding her followers that social media posts aren’t always a reflection of reality.

She said at the time: “I thought I’d just share because everyone always puts on the best nights going out, or when they’re in Harrods buying a new pair of shoes, or their holiday at a beach club, but this is real life.”

“And, I’m so blessed. I’ve had such an amazing time since I’ve left the villa, but there’s always gonna be times where you’re just feel like a bit alone and sad. It’s not all happiness and one hundred per cent positivity all of the time.”