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McFly’s Dougie Poynter admits he ‘cant remember two years of his life’ because of addiction

Dougie Poynter has admitted he can’t remember two years of his life because of his addiction to Valium.

The McFly became hooked on the anti-anxiety drug in 2016, until he finally went to rehab in 2018.

Speaking to The Sun, Dougie said: “It’s a slope that you don’t really realise you’re slipping down until it’s too late. Then climbing out of that hole is a very, very long process.”


When asked if he’s unable to remember that period of time, he said: “Honestly, yeah. I mean, you get flashbacks, but it’s a huge blur. It’s strange.”

“That’s something which is really hard to come to terms with, literally losing two years. Two years just went as like a weird dream. Coming out the other end was like, ‘What? Where’s my band?’”

Dougie’s bandmate Harry Judd was the one who pushed him to get help, after researching the anti-anxiety drug.

Harry said: “I spoke to the guys and I looked it up about Valium – because I had an inkling – and realised how dangerous it is and how you can die if you don’t get help coming off it in a controlled environment with medical support.”


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“It’s a very very serious situation. I think I probably knew that once we had stepped in, that’s what (Dougie) needed. He didn’t have a choice then.”

Speaking about his recovery, Dougie added: “It needs to be controlled because it’s such a slow process.”

“It was certainly an intervention. I don’t remember kicking up a fuss but . . . I don’t remember much really.”


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