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Max George reveals he ended up in hospital due to depression after The Wanted split

Max George has revealed he ended up in hospital due to severe depression after his band The Wanted went on hiatus back in 2014.

The 32-year-old has admitted he became so unwell that he had to undergo brain scans.

Speaking to Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle on their Private Parts podcast, Max said: “I had a three month period in my life where I couldn’t leave my apartment without being sick.”


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“My head was spinning. I couldn’t walk. So I ended up in hospital having scans on my brain and it was all down to being depressed.”

After The Wanted split, Max moved to Los Angeles and landed a role in the hit musical-comedy series Glee.

Looking back at that time, Max said: “There wasn’t anything specific, I felt like I was in a rut about what to do next, but I felt lucky, I have a great family, I got Glee and moved to LA…”

“But nothing worked. The doctors put me on stuff [medication] over there. It helped – but I came off it because I didn’t want to take something for six, seven or eight months and not be fine without it.”

The Wanted split back in 2014

“I remember, the first morning it happened. I woke up and had felt fine the day before. My jaw seized up. I thought I had done something in my sleep.”

“But the next day it was the same and my doctor said there was nothing wrong with it. So I started thinking there must be something wrong in my head,” he explained.

“I came home for Christmas and got more opinions from doctors, brain scans. Nothing showed up, so they agreed it must be anxiety, depression.”

“I couldn’t do any exercise without being sick. Then three or four months into it, I woke up and my head was completely clear.”


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“I couldn’t believe it had gone. I cried to myself because I felt like me again and I felt like I could go back to living my life.”

The singer said: “I must have been down about The Wanted. But I didn’t have time to think about it. Then Glee ended so I had to process that and the two collided.”

“I didn’t understand what was causing it or what was wrong. How can I do something about something when I don’t know what it is?”

“I was a heavy drinker, so I stopped drinking. Stopped drinking coffee, but nothing worked. I still get episodes where I feel anxious but I deal with it better now.”


Max added: “Looking back, I wrecked myself for quite a long time. There wasn’t a moment I didn’t have a beer in my hand…”

“I was so in love with being in the band. I became aloof and was so focused on it. Plus, I was drinking every day and touring. That’s all you do.”

“To have that taken away was like an addiction – cold turkey.”


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