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Max George and Maisie Smith make first TV appearance together

Max George and Maisie Smith have made their first TV appearance together.

The singer, 34, started dating the 21-year-old EastEnders actress in August, and the couple have already planned to move in together.

Speaking on Thursday’s episode of Loose Women, Maisie revealed her mum Lauren had “never seen me so happy”.

Maisie told the panel: “The people we allow in our lives are so happy. Mam has never seen me so happy. That’s all that really matters to me.”

The 21-year-old also revealed that she and Max had been friends before they began dating and have “always had a nice bond”.

“We’ve known each other for two years he’s always been a good friend. I always get nervous for interviews.”

“I remember I was pacing, thinking ‘what if I could go blank?’ He was the only person who could zen me. We’ve always had a nice bond and trust.”

Max and Maisie first met when they competed in Strictly Come Dancing last year.

“When we had the Strictly tour, she told me everything – far too much,” The Wanted star joked. “About boys, stuff that I don’t want to know!”

Asked where they’re planning on living, Maisie said: “We’re going to live in London, he’s got somewhere in Manchester which I’m doing up.”

“I’m doing a tour at the moment for Strictly Ballroom. At Christmas we’re in Guilford, so I’m gonna drag Max and my family and we’re gonna stay in a cabin. I bought a little tree from pound land and we’re going to make it really nice.”

Speaking about going public with their relationship, Max admitted: “Speculation drove that more than we would have at the start, but once it was out there, we do everything out here, it was kind of like it’s out there.”

“If we do something we may as well put it out there because there is nothing we don’t do.”

Max showed off his recent tattoo tribute to Maisie, and said: “I made sure he picked a nice picture! I made sure it wasn’t a dodgy candid picture.”

The Wanted star also addressed their controversial 13-year age gap; he revealed “it never enters my mind” and that despite Maisie being his junior, he “looks up to” her.


Since they went public with their romance, Max and Maisie have faced a lot of criticism over their sizeable age gap.

Clearly tired of the negative comments surrounding their relationship, the singer tweeted earlier this month: “I’ve just read that apparently mine and Maisie’s age gap is ‘controversial’…”

“A woman in her 20’s and a man in his 30’s.. what the f**k are they implying? I’d love an explanation please.”

Prior to this, Maisie defended their relationship during an interview with Hello! magazine, as she addressed their age difference.

The EastEnders star said: “People ask me: ‘Do you notice it?’ and I never have. We’re so like-minded.”

“I’ve got friends in their 30s and 40s. You connect with who you connect with.”

Max added: “It never enters my mind. Maisie has already done so many things that I’m in awe of – I look up to her.”


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