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Marnie Simpson reveals she couldn’t get out of bed for weeks after horrific birth experience

The reality star struggled to bond with her newborn son because she was so weak


Marnie Simpson has revealed she couldn’t get out of bed for weeks, as she opened up about her horrific birthing experience.

The 28-year-old gave birth to her first child, a son named Rox, four months ago – and Marnie is still recovering from the traumatic labour.

The Geordie Shore star had to have multiple blood transfusions after losing two pints of blood, and she also contracted a rare bacterial infection.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Marnie said: “I was in so much pain I was basically bed-bound for weeks on end. I couldn’t even change his nappy because I couldn’t stand.”

“It was a struggled to feed him. It was so hard because I couldn’t do all the normal things a mum does for their baby.

“The doctor told me I had lost so much blood and my immune system was so low I could have died. I was told I had to rest at all times and no nothing to help so I could rebuild my whole immune system,” Marnie continued.

“I thought how can I rest when I’ve just had a baby? I couldn’t get out of bed I was in so much pain. I was so depressed. No one could fix it or make me better. I was stuck in bed in so much pain and it just wasn’t getting any better.”

Marnie’s illness meant her boyfriend Casey Johnson had to step up to the plate, and it was a scary time for him too.


Casey said: “I made sure that even though Marnie was bed-bound she still bonded with Rox as much as she could. I would take him in and lay him next to her when she was almost too weak to hold him.”

“It was really hard for me too and was obviously frustrating and annoying but even at the hardest times I knew it wasn’t Marnie’s fault.”

“I was trying to cope with Rox and look after Marnie. So it was pretty tough. Especially throughout all the sleepless nights.”

Praising her boyfriend, Marnie said: “Casey really stepped up and has been amazing. It has made me realise how important your health is. That’s all that’s really matters.”

“It has also brought us closer together. I has been really hard but I think we could get through anything now.”

“I am slowly on the mend. It has taken four months. I’m not 100 per cent and I’m still suffering with my bladder condition but not like before.”

Marnie’s 28-hour labour will be featured on the new series of Geordie OG’s, and most of the footage was filmed on Casey’s phone.

He said: “It was all filmed on my phone because we didn’t have the crew in there with us. I self-filmed it. We even got me cutting the umbilical cord which was incredibly special. It was an emotional experience but it looks really cool.”

Marnie added: “We filmed as much of it as we could. But I was in so much pain it was hard to do.

“It was actually really emotional watching back. It was such a traumatic experience and such a horrible time. Even though we got Rox from it, so it was all worth it in the end, it was still a really scary time for me.

“To be honest I couldn’t watch it for weeks. It was too soon for me emotionally. The first time I watched the episode was last week.”

The new season of Geordie O’Gs premieres on Wednesday, February 26th at 9pm on MTV.