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Luke Mabbott and Lucie Donlan accuse Demi Jones of ‘creating drama’ following tell-all video

The couple revealed they've been subjected to online trolling since the YouTube video went up


Luke Mabbott and Lucie Donlan have accused Demi Jones of “creating drama” after she uploaded a tell-all video.

Luke and Demi met on the winter edition of Love Island earlier this year, but called it quits back in May after they were forced to spend time apart due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The following month, rumours began to spread that Luke had moved on with fellow Love Island star Lucie, with the couple confirming their romance shortly after.

On Friday, Demi uploaded a video to YouTube addressing her split with Luke, accusing him of leaving her on read before ending the relationship “out of the blue”.


In the video, Demi added that she was “hurt” about how the break-up was handled, and suggested that Luke had already been talking to Lucie at the beginning of lockdown – hence why he “cut” their relationship short.

Taking to his Instagram Stories today, Luke addressed the explosive video, revealing he and Lucie had been subjected to online trolling over the claims.

“So there has been a YouTube video put out, and it’s basically Demi addressing our relationship and why we split up again for like the fourth time now,” he told his followers.

“This is like seven months down the line, I’m happy and she’s been dating other people so I don’t see why it needs to be brought up again.”

Luke explained his side of the story, revealing he and Demi had not spoken for a week prior to his decision to call her and end the relationship.


Luke claimed that Demi asked him to wait three weeks before announcing the split as she had an upcoming clothing collection launching that she “wanted publicity for”.

After agreeing, Luke said the news of the split got leaked, and he decided to move on and go on a date with Lucie a few weeks later.

Lucie also took to her Instagram Stories to address the video, writing: “Hey Guys! Sorry that I’ve been a bit quite over the last couple of days but I’ve been very upset by what happened on Friday.


“This totally unnecessary and uncalled for YouTube video has been put out there without any thought for our feelings and that of our families.

“I would have hoped that having been on Love Island herself Demi might have stopped to think that obviously her followers will come for myself and Luke in a bid to defend her.

“I’m really disappointed that she’s allowed this to happen especially bearing in mind she has on several occasions in the past commented on the break up and wished us nothing but happiness…”

Lucie continued: “Yes, we also get questions asked daily about how we split up with our respective ex’s but we don’t think its appropriate to create drama around other people’s lives, especially if we can see they’ve moved on and are happy.

“This video has unfortunately sent a whole load of hate trolls our way which has really affected both of us with their horrible and sometimes disgusting comments.

“It’s really something that should not be happening on the internet especially in these difficult times when people are already struggling with their mental health.”

Lucie concluded by thanking her followers who had sent messages of support over the past few days.