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Luke Mabbot reveals his romance with Demi Jones is not official as COVID-19 forces them apart

The reality star revealed that the pair are in lockdown with their families


Luke Mabbot has revealed that his romance with Demi Jones is not official as the Coronavirus has forced the pair apart.

The Love Island star opened up about his relationship with the red-headed bombshell, who he met on the hit reality show.

Luke shared the news with his fans during a YouTube Q&A video about how the Coronavirus lockdown has caused him and Demi to spend time apart.

“Me and Demi are good, obviously this lockdown is really hard for us,” he admitted to his fans.


“Obviously, we do see each other quite a bit, before that we were staying in hotels and working together and she’s spending lockdown with her family and I’m spending it with mine.”

“We do FaceTime, Snapchat and talk so we are going good. We are just seeing each other at the minute, we are just seeing how things are going,” he assured his followers.

“We haven’t had the full test on the outside world yet because of this lockdown, so we are just going to see how things go.”

The YouTube video came after the 24-year-old was forced to deny rumours that he slept with a university student who he met at a night club in March.


“He didn’t sleep with this woman or kiss her, and the video he filmed with her was a birthday message she wanted him to record for a friend,” a source has told The Sun Online at the time.

Luke is currently on lockdown with his family in the seaside town of Redcar, while Demi is with her family down south in Portsmouth.

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