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Luisa Zissman defends her decision to have dead horse preserved by taxidermist

Her beloved horse Madrono died back in 2019


Luisa Zissman has defended her decision to have her dead horse preserved by a taxidermist.

Earlier this week, the 33-year-old was reunited with her late horse Madrono, who was put down in 2019, after falling ill with cancer.

Taking to Instagram, The Apprentice star shocked fans as she posted photos and videos of her hugging her stuffed horse.

The reality star has since appeared on This Morning alongside taxidermist Simon Wilson to explain why she had her beloved pet preserved.

Struggling to hold back tears, Luisa said: “This is so embarrassing, I suppose everyone deals with grief in different ways.”

“He’s so majestic and so beautiful so I didn’t want to let go of him… ”

“When I knew Madrono had to be put to sleep, I went to Simon and said I couldn’t bear to not see him again. I couldn’t describe it, I just wanted him with me forever.”

Speaking about seeing Madrono for the first time since he was stuffed, she said: “It made me really happy!”

“Like you said he’s a work of art, he’s a sculpture. For me I just wanted him to live forever I guess and be this amazing piece of art, this sculpture, I was so privileged to own him.”

“I was pretty grief stricken, I had quite a hard time after Madrono died, some people might find that strange but we’re a nation of animal lovers so I hope some people with understand.”

Madrono’s preservation took two months to complete, and he will now be displayed in Luisa’s hallway.

The 33-year-old lives in Hertfordshire with her Irish husband Andrew Collins, and their two children – Indigo, 3, and Clemmie, 2.

Luissa also shares her nine-year-old daughter Dixie with her ex-husband Oliver Zissman.