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Love Island’s Samie Elishi takes swipe at Tom Clare after split

Samie Elishi has taken a swipe at Tom Clare following their recent split.

The former couple struck up a romance during the 2023 winter series of Love Island, and placed third in the finale.

However, the pair called it quits just weeks after leaving the South African villa.

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Tom recently jetted off to Ibiza with his Love Island co-star and pal Casey O’Gorman.

In photos published by The UK Sun, the reality stars were spotted cosying up to two mystery girls on a yacht.

In one photo, Tom was seen sucking a blonde woman’s toes, while Casey filmed the NSFW display.

In a recent YouTube video, Samie, who has since unfollowed Tom and Casey on Instagram, took a swipe at her ex beau.

Samie recently filmed a video called “Answering Your Dilemmas” with her Love Island co-stars Tanya Manhenga and Claudia Fogarty.

One fan asked: “My boyfriend broke up with me about a year ago, I was sad and got over it and now he wants me back.”

Samie cryptically replied: “An ex is an ex for a reason – never go back.”

“If you go back, you’re just going to end up breaking up again and again and again and again.”

Addressing their split in a previous YouTube video, Samie said: “Let’s just address the first elephant in the room – me and Tom have broken up.”

“It’s ended on good terms, no one’s done anything bad to each other. There’s still lots and lots of love there. It just wasn’t working on the outside, and we both agreed on majority of the things, but yeah.”

“There’s no bad blood there. Me and Tom – I’d never say a bad word about him, and he would never say a bad word about me.”

“That is basically it,” Samie continued. “It’s not an exciting story, there’s nothing more too it – we just weren’t working outside the villa. I feel like when you come out, you’ve got so much pressure and so many other things to worry about that plays a huge factor in a relationship.”


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