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Love Island’s Rebecca Gormley discusses romance with Biggs Chris after Michael Griffith drama

The pair are yet to make their relationship official

Credit: Dabbz Photography @Mcr.Press

Rebecca Gormley has opened up about her romance with Love Island co-star Biggs Chris.

The 21-year-old briefly split from Biggs last month, after she slept over at Michael Griffiths’ house following a boozy night out.

Speaking out about the sleepover drama, Rebecca said she understood why Biggs was upset with her.

“If the shoe was on the other foot I would get how he feels. I get it,” she revealed on FUBAR Radio.


Rebecca and Biggs have since patched things up, and are getting on better than ever.

“There’s literally not a day that goes by that we don’t chat,” she confessed.

“We just go on Facetime and literally when we’re doing our day, I’m just there in the background and he’s there in the background and we just chat and laugh about every day.”


Although they’re talking every day, Rebecca and Biggs aren’t “official” just yet.

“Obviously when we came out the villa we’ve spent quite a bit of time together, but I don’t think it’s enough time for us to say, ‘Right let’s make it official,'” Rebecca said.

“So the way that I put it across to people is like, we’re more than friends but we just don’t have a label of being in a relationship.”

“Obviously now we’re in isolation I’m not gonna make something official – that’d just be weird.”


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