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Love Island’s Luke Trotman and Siannise Fudge take MAJOR step in their romance

Luke Trotman and Siannise Fudge have taken a major step in their relationship.

The Love Island stars took to Instagram to reveal that they had welcomed a new member to their family, an adorable puppy.

Sharing a sweet snap of the Cockapoo puppy, Siannise wrote: “Nala Trotman-Fudge 💛”.


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Luke then shared an Instagram reel, where he revealed how the “newest member of their family” came to be.

“So we did a TikTok where whoever the face-tracking effect landed on first had to do the most liked dare in the comments,” he explained.

The couple revealed that it had landed on Siannise, with Luke adding: “There were some crazy dares, like ‘Paypal everyone who commented a tenner’… That ain’t ever gonna happen!

“So with 58 thousand likes, ‘Have a kid’ won. However, we like to make family friendly content, so I can’t really prove that we’re trying to have a kid. Soooo, this is gonna have to do.”

Showing their adorable pooch to the camera, Siannise said: “Everyone, meet Nala.”


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Siannise then took to her Instagram Stories, saying: “The secret is out, we have got our baby Nala.”

Gushing about the puppy she continued: “She is honestly the best thing ever. She’s so cute, she’s so cuddly, she’s so lovely.

The 25-year-old added: “But, she’s a little bit naughty now as well. I think she’s after getting too comfortable around here.

“She’s so lush. She’s kept us up for like the past three nights, we’ve barely had any sleep, but she is so worth it.”



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