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Love Island’s Lucie Donlan admits she ‘struggled a lot’ during the first lockdown

The 23-year-old opened up about her experience with online trolling


Lucie Donlan has admitted she “struggled a lot” during the first lockdown.

The Love Island star opened up about the “downsides” of fame, revealing she experiences a lot of online trolling.

The 23-year-old praised her boyfriend Luke Mabbott for supporting her during her down days, saying he was ‘The One’.

Speaking to new! magazine, Lucie said: “I struggled a lot with the first [lockdown]. It’s hard when you’re stuck inside.”

“I’m so used to being outdoors and in the sea. Luckily, we were still allowed to surf. Without surfing, I would have really struggled with my mental health.

“I think everyone has struggled with their wellbeing as they’ve not been able to do activities like they usually would. It’s definitely been a hard time.”

Speaking about her experience with trolling, the reality star revealed: “I do get it quite a lot. But when you’re on [Love Island] that’s when it’s heightened, because you’re in the limelight.

“After a year, it calms down a lot. I didn’t used to be as confident as I am now and I think back in the day it would have affected me badly. But now, I just block them.”

“Sometimes it does affect me and I do get sad. But Luke is really good at things like that, he talks me round. It’s important to have good people around you to talk to,” she added.

Gushing about Luke, Lucie said: “We’ve been together six months now and it’s been a dream. I never thought I’d meet someone like him.


“He’s a best friend as well as a boyfriend. Luke is so calm and caring. He’s very positive and I just love spending every minute with him.”

Lucie also confessed she is hoping for a proposal from Luke this year, admitting she is “ready for a ring”.

The news comes after Lucie revealed she had been getting death threats on social media, following reports of a “secret feud” between her and Yewande Biala.


On Monday, Yewande slammed Lucie on Twitter, after the surfer accused her of “bullying” in a resurfaced Instagram comment.

Responding to Lucie’s comment on Monday night, Yewande tweeted: “You refused to call me by my name because it was too ‘hard to pronounce’ now you wanna say I bullied you!!”

Hours after the scandal hit headlines, Lucie revealed she’s been receiving death threats on social media, telling the MailOnline: “These are really old comments dug up purely to incite a row between two females.

“In this day and age and with everything going on in the world, we should all be sticking together not attacking each other. I’ve been sent death threats which are incredibly scary as you can imagine.

“I said on the show I had trouble pronouncing Yewande’s name, it’s just what I’m like. And I asked if I could use a shortened abbreviated version of her name instead as a term of endearment – there’s nothing sinister to it.

“I regret how just a few old comments sent 18 months ago has snowballed like this and got out of hand, and drummed up some needless negativity. Can we all just move on from this please?”