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Love Island’s Laura Anderson reveals she’s started fertility treatment with her boyfriend Dane Bowers

Love Island’s Laura Anderson has revealed she’s started fertility treatment with her boyfriend Dane Bowers.

Speaking to her 1.4 million followers on Instagram today, the reality star opened up about their plans to have a baby together.

The 33-year-old said: “So I have a little bit of a different post for you today, story shall I say.”

Laura continued: “Some of you might know that Dane and I have been trying to have a baby – and sort of come into a few obstacles.”

“So we’ve been lucky enough to visit an incredible doctor the past few weeks and today set in motion our fertility plan if you’d like.”

“I’m going to be freezing my eggs initially and Dane’s taking some medication. We’re just super excited.”

“I was a little apprehensive to share this and initially to do IVF but I feel really lucky to have the opportunity to do this in this day and age.”

“It’s just incredible what doctors can do and absolute hats off to our doctor and the clinic we’ve been at,” she said.

“They’ve just been amazing and made even this far what should be a really stressful experience, they have made it so enjoyable.”

Laura added: “So I apologise in advance if I’m a bit crazy this week. But hopefully you can follow our journey, kind of step by step. I want to share it with you.”

“I think it’ll be good for me to get through it and if anyone out there is doing IVF or freezing their eggs – you know it’s a great thing to do if you’re single – then hopefully we can share experiences together and get each other through it.”

Laura previously revealed to Vicky Pattison on her podcast ‘The Secret To…’ that she was finding it difficult to conceive after years on the pill.

At the time, the Scottish star admitted she was hesitant about undergoing IVF, as she said: “Dane’s like, ‘we need to do IVF,’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t really want to.’ I just never really thought that this would have to happen to me.”

Laura started dating Dane in 2017, after they met at a pool party in Dubai.

However, the former air hostess ended their romance after just six months when she found out Dane was seeing someone else.

Years later, after her failed romance with Paul Knopps on the 2018 series of Love Island, Laura reunited with Dane in 2020 after she forgave him for “cheating”.

Speaking to The Sun in December, the 33-year-old said: “I never thought I’d be able to trust Dane again, but I trust him more than anyone I’ve ever been with – even people who haven’t cheated.”

“I don’t listen to outsiders when they say: ‘People never change.’ I’m not one to be told. I went with my gut and it’s worked out so far.”


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