Love Island’s Kady McDermott releases statement – after calling Maria Fowler’s daughter ‘vile’

The reality star received serious backlash over her awful comment


Kady McDermott has shared a public apology, after she called Maria Fowler’s two-year-old daughter “vile”.

The Love Island star and former glamour model’s feud began when Maria accused Kady of copying her interior company, Project In A Village, with her new home renovation business.

After confronting her through Instagram DMs, things turned nasty between the pair, and Kady ended up telling Maria that her “daughter is vile”.

Shocked by Kady’s comments, Maria shared screenshots of their messages online.

After receiving serious backlash, Kady has since posted an apology on Instagram.

She wrote: “I’m only human and naturally I make mistakes on temporary based emotions and being in the public eye unfortunately every single one of my mistakes gets put out there to the world.”

“Forever getting judged for every step I take/do in life takes its toll. I privately messaged Maria yesterday my apology but as it’s everywhere I will do a public one too. I am deeply sorry to Maria, her partner and of course gorgeous Evie.”

“I did not mean what I said. I was massively upset Maria’s comments to me that made me feel SO upset beyond words and a degrade to my character I then wanted to hurt her where it hurt too so I reacted irrationally and badly.”

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Kady admitted that she “instantly regretted and deleted the comment”, but it was too late.

She emphasised how she is still young, and has “a lot to learn in life with how to control situations better.”

The 23-year-old also addressed the horrific online abuse she has received, and said that  trolls have been telling her to go “hang” herself.

Kady has also received comments like, “I hope you get cancer,” and, “I hope your future children die in your arms.”

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