Love Island’s Kady McDermott ‘calls police’ over alleged threats from former co-star

The reality stars are feuding once again


Love Island star Kady McDermott has claimed that she’s been forced to call the police over alleged threats from her former co-star Malia Arkian.

The pair appeared on the 2016 series of Love Island, and got into a nasty bust-up during their time in the villa, which led to Malia being booted off the show for physically attacking Kady.

It appears there’s still bad blood between the pair, as Kady has reported Malia to the police following a bitter Twitter spat.

The pair reignited their feud after a fan asked Kady about Malia on Instagram yesterday, and she replied, “Who?”

Malia hit back on Twitter by writing, “Oi u dumb little b**** do not sit there & try cuss me out on your instastory you low life.

“You don’t know me & I hope u never bump into me again, u already snaked me once. U desperate little beg, ur neighbour even emailed me coz they hate you, giving me ur address.”

Malia then shared an email thread, which was allegedly from Kady’s neighbour.

The email read, “We have the unfortunate pleasure of living (BLACKED OUT) one of your former show colleagues… Absolute nightmare! Well I live (BLACKED OUT) her flat and her living room is (BLACKED OUT) so I hear everything.” (sic)

“Never come across a rude, disrespectful little child in my life. She’s told me she’s 22 about 15 times and once told me to ‘google’ her. You did well just to push her!”

The emails screenshots have since been deleted due to privacy issues.

Malia then sent a shocking message about their former co-star Sophie Gradon, who passed away in a suspected suicide last month.

She wrote, “Sophie also told me you lied about me giving you a nose bleed in the toilet to the #loveisland producers #RipSophie I just ignored it then, but everyone deserves to know your a calculated liar.”

Following Malia’s Twitter outburst, Kady’s rep told MailOnline, “After Malia’s threats on Twitter last night Kady has contacted the police and raised a complaint on both Malia and her neighbour.”

“It is unsure to Kady what Malia plans to do with her home address however as a young 22-year-old who lives alone this can be a concerning issue.

“The neighbour has been problematic for sometime now and has been reported to the police several times before,” they added.