Love Island’s Danny Williams slams cruel trolls – after Jourdan Riane was accused of ‘faking’ private jet snap

The reality star came under fire on Instagram

Danny and his ex Jourdan | Instagram

Love Island star Danny Williams has slammed cruel trolls on Instagram, after his girlfriend Jourdan Riane was accused of “faking” her luxury lifestyle.

The couple jetted to Thailand on Sunday, but before they boarded their flight, Jourdan posted a photo of her posing in what looked like a private jet.

She captioned the post with a lyric from Drake’s song Over My Dead Body, which read: “As long as the outcome is income… I don’t care.”


Not long after Jourdan uploaded her photo, Danny shared a snap of them travelling to Thailand on a commercial flight.

Fans were quick to question whether Jourdan was pretending to fly private, and flooded her post with nasty comments.

Responding to the criticism, Danny defended his girlfriend by pointing out that the photo was taken at a photo booth set-up at Gatwick airport – which was previously promoted by Jack Fowler and Wes Nelson.

Posting on his Instagram Story, Danny wrote: “Can people just keep their nasty comments to themselves? This picture wasn’t even taken on the plane… It’s a mini booth in the airport.”

“People seriously need to take their negative energy elsewhere because it ain’t welcome.”

Jourdan also responded by posting a statement on her Instagram Story, which read: “I do not tolerate hate on my page. All negative comments will either get blocked and/or reported.”