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Love Island viewers have turned on Dr Alex

Fans want the reality star to be sent home


Love Island Viewers have turned on Dr Alex.

This weeks episode seen Alex and Ellie go head to head over their first coupling.

Alex accused Ellie of playing a game, while Ellie said that the doctor was “too tense, formal and hadn’t made her laugh once.”

Fans of the show have flocked to social media to demand that Alex be removed from the show.

“I’m so over Dr Alex on Love Island and his victim mentality. Ellie doesn’t owe him anything and if she’s not into him then too bad. He needs to go… Oh Alex…..”

“As much as I love Dr Alex. It maybe his time to leave for his own sanity. Alex and Ellie or Megan and Eyal#loveisland,” another wrote.

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Some fans even went as far as to say, “Ellie doesn’t owe you anything. Get a f**king grip of yourself Dr. #alex #loveisland… I know Ellie has played her card to be safe in first coupling.”

Another fan wrote, “But Dr Alex is in the wrong show for me. He should go to first date not love island… I love Alex but he should just go home! He’s not gonna find a girl on this show.”

Ellie stormed away after their awkward chat.

“I think a lot of people might look at what you’ve done and think you might’ve played a game, Alex said.”

A taken aback Ellie told him, “I did not come into this villa and say, Alex is the guy for me at all.”

In which, Alex replied, “You said you would make an effort, but hours after we recouple you get in the bed and you roll over. Obviously it was going to be awkward, why didn’t you say “I don’t feel this, I feel so uncomfortable”.