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Love Island star Olivia Bowen reveals why she’s ‘put off’ plans to have a baby

The reality star is married to her Love Island beau Alex Bowen


Olivia Bowen, formerly Buckland, has revealed why she’s “postponed” plans to have a baby.

The 27-year-old is married to fitness model Alex Bowen, who she met on the 2016 series of Love Island.

The reality star made the confession during a Q&A on Instagram, after a fan asked: “Are you and Alex thinking about kids anytime soon?”

Speaking to the camera, Olivia replied: “We were thinking abut it and then things just kinda changed, especially with lockdown still happening and the world being so unknown, I put it off.”

Explaining her decision further, Olivia captioned the post: “The world scares me right now so we postponed.”

“I know what I’m like and I know I wouldn’t be good at being pregnant during lockdown I don’t think!”

“I need my friends and family close. Hats off to all of you strong ladies.”

The 27-year-old also noted that she has to go to New York “for two months” this year for work.

After meeting on the 2016 series of Love Island, Olivia and Alex tied the knot in September 2018.


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