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Love Island star Olivia Attwood spills about who Amber Davies is dating

Olivia reveals if there's truth to the rumours that she is dating Pete Wicks and Scott Thomas.


Olivia Attwood is spilling the beans on bestie and co-star on reality show Love Island, Amber Davies.

Amber has been linked to TOWIE star Pete Wicks and Scott Thomas who a year before Amber took part in the ‘Love Island’ reality show as well.

The two who have moved on from their ex boyfriends Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay has set the record straight on who Amber is dating.

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Speaking on her  New magazine blog, Olivia writes.

“Amber has been linked to everyone under the sun this week, including Pete Wicks and Scott Thomas. As far as I know, none of it is true”.

Olivia went on “Unless she’s keeping a secret from me, which is very unlikely. I asked her ‘is that true?’ and she said, ‘Liv, are you joking?’ I was like, well, I don’t know!”

Speaking about his relationship with Amber, Pete Wicks shared,

“Amber and I are just friends, I’m completely single and I’m enjoying being single”.

Amber split from Kem a couple of months ago and has recently been accused of taking cocaine after an image she shared had white powder lined up along with a bank card in the back of the image she shared on her SnapChat account.

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Amber made a statement to The Sun that read

“There have been a lot of stories around this afternoon and I just want to set the record straight.”

Last night I went back to someone else’s hotel room with a dozen other people and took a selfie in front of a mirror.

I was completely naive to what was lying on the table in front of me.

I don’t know for sure what it was, but I do know what it looks like, and I am devastated. I have never and would never take drugs, or knowingly be around people who do. That is not who I am.