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Love Island star Katie Salmon responds to rumours she’s split from her fiancé

Love Island star Katie Salmon has slammed rumours that she’s split from her fiancé Harry.

The couple welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Thaiga Dean, in March.

Rumours began swirling earlier this week that Katie and Harry had split, after the Love Island contestant shared a “cryptic” post on Instagram.


However, Katie has since slammed rumours that she’s split from Harry, just six months after they welcomed their daughter.

Taking to her Instagram story on Wednesday, the Love Island star wrote: “How the f**k can you write articles about MY FAMILY and my baby and assume something I DID NOT WRITE. How dare you!!!!”

“I was speaking about my struggles being a mother and feeling alone and you share articles to the world that I am now a single mum.”

“Forcing silent treatment on me and my daughter because all you wanna do is share s**t about me!!!!?”

The original “cryptic” post that Katie shared read: “Everything has changed for me since having my little girl. It’s been one of the hardest most beautiful journeys.”

“I didn’t know I had it in me to go through everything I have this year. Women are super heroes idgaf. The reward is her precious smile and health. I’ve settled for way less than I deserve from so many people because I never really respected who I was or what my worth is.”

“My loyalty, love and energy is unmatched. The change has been intense yet so eye opening. I’ve had to mourn someone who once was and allow for the new me to come in. If you can’t respect my growth, then you don’t deserve to be at our table.”

“Changes coming for me is exciting so if your struggling know that as painful as it is, it really is here to help you evolve. Embrace and believe. I love seeing people recover from messed up situations to end up getting the success, love and bliss they deserve.”

Katie and Harry got engaged in December 2021 while they were living in Thailand.

Just a number of weeks later, the Love Island star announced they were expecting their first child together.

In March, they welcomed their daughter Thaiga Dean.


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