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Love Island star Belle Hassan opens up about her mental health struggles – after quitting social media

The reality star has received support from her fellow Love Island stars

Love Island star Belle Hassan has opened up about her mental health struggles, after quitting social media.

The 22-year-old shared a candid message with her Instagram followers, after she was absent from the platform over the past few weeks.

Belle wrote: “I’m not one for long captions but…. I’ve been putting this off for so long. Thinking over and over in my head not really knowing how or what to say I’ve probably written and deleted this caption 20 times.”

“I’m an extremely private person always have been, and when an issue arises if you know me you will know I’m always the strong one but the last few weeks I’ve struggled.”


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“I feel like it’s about time I spoke out and was honest about my issues as normally I try to keep them quiet as I don’t want people to think different of me,” she continued.

“I’ve had a long hard battle with my mental health and so many ups and downs smiles and tears I’m okay one minute and then I’m not okay the next and as so many of you have asked why I’ve been so quiet on Instagram I thought I would just try to explain my self it’s because in basic terms I’ve needed to take a break.”

“A break from comparing my self from feeling like I’m not enough even to getting so consumed by what others are doing and posting.”

“I have for so long kept quiet about the battle in my head as I don’t want people to view me different or think I’m weak or some kind of victim,” Belle wrote.

“But I just don’t want people to think they are on their own just because all these people lean on you and your the ‘strong one’ doesn’t mean you can’t have weak times, or even take time out to heal you first.”


“Just because you are strong doesn’t mean you can’t hurt and cry and be sad. Even when you are low you are still strong and what ever you are going through you will come out stronger than before.”

Belle concluded her post by writing: “Just hope every one knows it’s okay to take time out to look after your self and your mind social media can be a hard place.”

“All I can do is better my self and work out my happy medium, but babies I’m back, not perfect but trying my best to better my mind and better my page and content for you all this is something I really find difficult (as you can probably tell It’s not my strong point ????) ???? hope your all keeping safe and have had a beautiful week ????.”


After sharing her post, Belle’s fellow Love Island stars shared their support in the comment section.

Anna Vakili commented, “You are not alone❤️ I love you so much,” and Joseph Garratt wrote: “You’re amazing ????”

Danny Williams also commented: “Legend for posting this Belle. Big respect ???????? ❤️”

And Francesca Allen wrote: “We got you 100% ❤️”


Belle appeared on the 2019 series of Love Island, and coupled up with Anton Danyluk.

The pair dated on-and-off for a few months after leaving the villa, but sadly their romance didn’t last.

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