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Love Island star Amy Hart suffers another health scare

Love Island star Amy Hart has suffered another health scare, just weeks after she received a positive HPV diagnosis.

The former air hostess explained to her Instagram followers that she has a parasite in her stomach and a “high level of toxic metal” in her system.

Amy said: “So it turns out I have a parasite in my, I think my, bladder. She’s said she is going to send me the full breakdown.”

To combat this issue, the reality star cannot eat dairy, pork, soy and gelatin for the next six weeks.

“Parasite in my system. I have high levels of toxic metal and I’m allergic to soy. No more soy sauce. How am I ever going to eat sushi again? And the parasite is feeding off of dairy, pork and obviously gelatine. So I can’t have those for six weeks”.

Amy came back to her Instagram Story to clarify that the parasite was actually in her stomach, not her bladder.

“The parasite is not in my bladder, it’s the bacteria in my bladder, the parasite’s in my stomach,” she explained.

The 29-year-old said she may need to cancel her extravagant ‘Amesfest’ 30th birthday celebration as a result of her diagnosis.

She told followers: “Just realised it’s my 30th birthday in three weeks. No dairy, so that means no Tequila Rose at Amesfest. That means no ice cream for me at Amesfest. That means no cupcakes for me at Amesfest… I think I’m going to cancel.”



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