Love Island star Alexandra Cane breaks down in tears as she quits social media

The reality star is taking time off social media after receiving a "tirade of abuse"


Alexandra Cane broke down in tears as the quit social media last night, after receiving a “tirade of abuse” online.

The Love Island star was recently branded “irresponsible” after she said women’s periods can stop due to exercise.

Responding to the backlash on her Instagram Story, the 29-year-old told fans: “Receiving a tirade of abuse from people regarding recent topics. My words being twisted and misconstrued yet again when people only see glimpses of my life. Not the full picture.”

“You have no idea what’s going on behind closed doors but people are so quick to try and tear you down. I will continue to better myself and provide a voice for people that are struggling with things that are classed as ‘taboo’ subjects.”

“I would rather open up a conversation than let people suffer in silence. People want me to address things but when I do I’m told I shouldn’t be giving advice because I’m not a professional,” she continued.

“Damned if I do, damned if I don’t. Always show people kindness regardless of how they treat you.”

In another post, Alexandra said: “Sadly, the internet is a breeding ground for people trying to tear others down. I’m not here for it.”

“I’m taking myself off social media for a few days to sit and reflect and think of ways I can move forward in a positive way to continue helping & bettering others.”

Alexandra later posted a tearful video on her Instagram Story, and said: “I just had to come on here to say a few things quickly just before I disappear off social media. Quite honestly I need to for my own mental sake.”

“It’s funny isn’t it how you click on the people’s profiles who are bashing you and they’re the first people to be posting about mental health and not tearing other people down because you don’t know what battles they’re facing behind closed doors. Well it’s funny now the shoe’s on the other foot isn’t it?”

“My intentions have never been to hurt anybody or cause anybody any distress or pain or any problems,” she continued.

“My fitness plan I launched was all done with a professional, very credible nutritionist – I’ve never recommended anything other than what the government guidelines state.

“For anyone that is bashing me, please remember that. I have never normalised anything to do with loss of periods due to exercise etc. I merely said it’s something that can happen within the industry and not enough people speak about it so I wish to share my experience at some point in the future.”


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“My reasons why: certain things that happened to me. There are other factors have have come into play regarding this which I don’t wish to speak on.

“Just remember you see glimpses of part of people’s lives on social media but you don’t know the full story. You opinions are just opinions, not facts.”

Alexandra added: “I need to channel my energy into something positive rather than feeding into the negative because that is how life should be lived.”

Alexandra rose to fame on the 2018 series of Love Island.

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