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Love Island fans are NOT happy about this year’s innuendos

Love Islands fans are not happy as this year’s contestants continue to use salon lingo as innuendos.

On Wednesday, paramedic Paige Thorne returned from a steamy night in the hideaway with rugby star Jacques O’Neill.

The 24-year-old debriefed with the girls, but only described what happened between the pair using salon-themed lingo.


“We went to the hideaway last night, you know it was just a little massage of the hands to get a feel for somethings,” she told them.

“You know after you get your nails done you get a little cuticles massage and all that kind of thing?”

Newest bombshell Antigoni asked: “Were you happy with the products?,” as Paige blushed in response, “Yeah, of course.”

One viewer tweeted: “I need the definition of a manicure and pedicure and beauty salon explained to me in graphic detail cuz I’m confused.”

Another stated: “These salon connotations that they’re using isn’t doing it for me. Pick something else,” while a third wrote: “this salon talk is so annoying you were literally spitting drinks in eachothers mouths two days ago you can say the word dick.” 

English social media Lewys Ball (@lookingforlewys) also weighed in, writing: “this nail salon manicure pedicure thing is TOO complex for me, it’s giving if jenny had 27 apples and sold 3 at 70% maths gcse question energy.”

Last year, the girls used an NVQ rating to discuss their sexual encounters, whilst the boys used a series of football phrases such as “handball” and “header”.

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In the 2018 series of the show, Wes Nelson founded the “Do Bits Society”, a members-only club that Islanders could join when they’d taken the next step in their romance.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two. 

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