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Love Island 2019 contestants get the boot following drug testing

The producers are searching for clean living contestants.


Love Island producer are taking things seriously this year, and have given the boot to “dozens” of wannabe contestants following a drug test.

The surprise tests are reported to have found traces of drugs such as cannabis, ketamine and cocaine.

An ITV2 source told the Daily Star Sunday: “It’s the first time they’ve tested the contestants for drugs.”


“They’d started whittling down the selection to their favourites before they began testing everyone.”

“There were loads of people who missed out because they failed.”

“Some of them were really good contenders who would have probably made it into the final line up.”

The source claimed that the potential contestants were surprised with the test, and were asked to provide a urine sample.

“But there’s a no-tolerance procedure, and people who take drugs regularly in the clubs on a Saturday night can come with a whole load of hidden physical and mental health problems.”

“This year has been about seeking out cleanliving contestants.”

“This year they have ensured every single person who enters the villa has passed a drugs test. They want everyone to be mentally and physically healthy,” they told the paper.

Yesterday, IT2 revealed that fans of the show would be getting some very exciting news – and sooner than expected.

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