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Louise Redknapp responds to claims that Jamie’s recent ‘date’ Lizzie Bowden looks like her

The mother-of-two opened up about her ex dating other people


Louise Redknapp has responded to claims that her ex-husband, Jamie’s recent “date”, Lizzie Bowden looks like her.

Last weekend the retired footballer was spotted leaving a nightclub and getting into a car with the model.

As pictures of the pair together were spread on social media, some fans thought that Lizzie looked like Louise.


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Speaking to The Guardian, the mother-of-two responded to the suggestions: “It is kinda weird! And then I start looking at them thinking, ‘Do they look like me?’ But he’s got his taste”.

Louise also revealed that their children are still getting used to the idea of them dating other people: “But, yes, of course, it’s hard for the boys. I tell them, ‘Dad’s a single man and he’s doing nothing wrong.'”

As for her surname – she took Jamie’s when they wed in 1998 – the singer said that she doesn’t plan on going back to her maiden name, unless her ex marries someone else.

“It’s such a mum thing, but the thought of not having the same name as my kids, I could cry thinking about it. But maybe if Jamie gets married I’d have to change it … I don’t know how that works,” she revealed.

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