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Louise Redknapp has reportedly confirmed split from husband Jamie


Louise Redknapp has reportedly confirmed to friends that she has spilt from her husband of 19 years, Jamie Redknapp.

A source has told The Sun that the couple have split, despite denying claims that their marriage was in trouble one month ago.

The source told the paper, “Louise told one of her closest friends she and Jamie had split. Louise was quite open about the fact the relationship was over.”

“She mentioned how much time they had spent apart and that when she and Jamie had tried to spend time together, it hadn’t been good.”

Separated: Louise revealed the sad news to close friends | Instagram

The pair have been together for 19 years and have two sons together, 12-year-old Charley and 8-year-old Beau.

“It’s a very difficult situation because of their two children who they are both determined to protect. That’s why they’re not prepared to officially end the marriage or comment publicly.

“They hope time apart might fix things, even though that doesn’t look likely. But Jamie hasn’t given up hope. He is fighting for his marriage and to keep his family together. It’s all very sad.”

A source close to Louise also said, “They are giving each other space as they work through things.”

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