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Louis Tomlinson’s son Freddie evacuated from family home due to California wildfires

The X Factor judge's son lives in LA with his mother


Louis Tomlinson’s two-year-old son Freddie has been evacuated from his family home in California, due to devastating wildfires.

The Sun has reported that the former 1D star’s son and his mother Briana Jungwirth were forced to leave their home this week, as the fire edged closer to their home in LA.

Taking to Instagram, Briana said that she was “speechless” after her neighbours’ property was destroyed in the fires, but thankfully her home was saved by firefighters.

Briana and Louis welcomed Freddie in 2016, following a brief relationship in 2015.


A host of celebrities have been forced to evacuate their luxury homes in LA since the devastating wildfires started to spread.

Unfortunately, stars like Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke and Gerard Butler have lost their homes.

Miley tweeted: “Completely devestated (SIC) by the fires affecting my community. I am one of the lucky ones. My animals and LOVE OF MY LIFE made it out safely & that’s all that matters right now.”

“My house no longer stands but the memories shared with family & friends stand strong. I am grateful for all I have left. Sending so much love and gratitude to the firefighters and LA country Sheriff’s department! If you are interested in getting involved see next tweet…. Donate $ , Time , Supplies I love you more than ever, Miley.”

Meanwhile, Gerard shared a photo of his home after being destroyed by the fire, and wrote, “Returned to my house in Malibu after evacuating. Heartbreaking time across California. Inspired as ever by the courage, spirit and sacrifice of firefighters.”

According to reports, the fire has claimed the lives of an estimated 31 people.