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Little Mix clap back after Piers Morgan claims they owe him a ‘massive cheque’

The presenter maintains that the band own him a sum for using his image


Piers Morgan has joked that Little Mix owe him money – after they used a clip of him during one of their shows.

While performing their new song Wasabi the girl band used a snippet of video showing Piers presenting Good Morning Britain.

Tweeting the band, Piers wrote: “Ignore me? They’ve literally made me centre stage at their concerts… without my permission, incidentally, so they’ll be getting a large invoice.”


However, Little Mix clapped back, saying:

“Someone’s telling porkie pieeees your bosses at GMB signed it off, including you…soz hub.”

“Piers you gorgey hun, we know you’ve always been our number 1 fan we’ve got a ticket at the box office with your name on it #comeandsayittomyface.”


However, Piers maintains that the band owe him a fee, saying on Good Morning Britain: “Did you get permission from me in writing?”

“Which means you owe me a massive cheque now. I don’t need to say it to your faces, you’ve put me on a video screen.”

The band have come to blows with Piers before, after he criticized them for a nude photo shoot they participated in.