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Line Of Duty’s Martin Compston and his wife Tianna are expecting their first child

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Line Of Duty star Martin Compston and his wife Tianna Chanel Flynn are expecting their first child.

The couple confirmed the news at Henley Festival, as Tianna showed off her sizeable baby bump for the first time.

Martin and Tianna tied the knot in his native Scotland back in 2016, but the pair have since relocated to Las Vegas, to be closer to where her mother lives.


During a previous interview with the Sunday Post, the actor explained why they made the move to the US.

He said: “When you’re married and are getting older your priorities change. We’re getting to the point of maybe starting a family and your wife needs her family around her.”

“We’ve moved to Vegas and are two streets – I nearly said two blocks there – away from my mother-in-law.”


“I absolutely would like family. We’re at that age and the move to Vegas was to buy a house, put down proper roots and look to the future.”

While the couple are mainly based in Vegas now, Martin will spend a lot of time in the UK next year to film the next season of Line of Duty.

The Scottish actor plays Steve Arnott in the hit BBC series, alongside Adrian Dunbar and Vicky McClure.