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Liam Payne reveals that he would ‘love’ a One Direction reunion

The band split in 2016

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Liam Payne has revealed that he would “love” a One Direction reunion.

The singer is the latest member of the famous boyband to voice his opinion on a comeback, as Louis Tomlinson recently revealed that a reunion “has to” happen.

The 25-year-old told Pedestrian that he feels like a spokesperson for the band, as he is always queried about a reunion: “I think I have been asked that question more than any other band member. I don’t know why people think I am like the spokesman at the moment.”

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“Me personally as me, I would love to get back together at some point,” he revealed, but it doesn’t like a comeback is on the cards for any time soon.

“I think when it is all comfortable for everyone else. Rushing these things is how things get messed up,” he continued.

“We made such great success and that comes at a cost and I think we need to take that into account,” the father-of-one said.

“I think we will all benefit by getting to know ourselves a bit better rather than ourselves within the band and I have always said this,” Liam finished, as he justified the band’s break.

The news comes after fans were sent into a frenzy last month when Liam was spotted carrying a One Direction painting and met up with Savan Kotecha, a songwriter who created huge hits for the band.