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Liam Payne making sure Cheryl’s pregnancy ‘goes smoothly’


Liam Payne is making sure girlfriend Cheryl’s birth goes smoothly.

The One Direction star and the solo singer and planning for their first child, and Liam, 23, has been put in charge of her birthing plan.

“Liam’s been put in charge of making sure everything is exactly as she wants it, right down to him having a full game plan for the labour typed up and printed out in a file,” a source told Reveal magazine.

According to the insider Liam will also be in the delivery room.

In charge: Liam has a lot of responsibility

“Cheryl has her whole plan for the birth in place – and she’s gone into meticulous detail with Liam and her doctors to make sure everything is exactly right,” the source added.

“She wants Liam and her mum Joan in the delivery suite for the birth. Liam is totally fine with that. Cheryl has had to rely on her mum to get through so many heartaches and tough moments in her life that she wants her mum to be there for something so joyful.”

The couple have still yet to speak about the pregnancy.