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Liam Payne earned LESS than €10,000 last year

While Cheryl raked in 180 TIMES more!

Credit: Lia Toby/WENN.com

Liam Payne only earned £6,632 last year but his partner Cheryl earned a whopping 180 times more than him.

The former One Direction star’s tiny take home pay was due to debts he had to repay Hampton Records Ltd, a company of his.

According to the Daily Mail the record company had “assets of £190,149 up to August 2017, but debts totalling £247,119″…!

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In better news for the couple’s financial affairs, Cheryl banked £1,190,463 profit from CC Entertainment Ltd., her main company.

He doesn’t have reason to worry just yet though as he is still living comfortably having eared £40million from his stint in One Direction.

The couple have recently had issues in their relationship but Cheryl, who won’t be returning to the X-Factor this year, has publicly set the record straight.