Liam Payne apologises for offending fans – months after he was branded ‘biphobic’

The singer was slammed for 'fetishising bisexual women’ back in December


Liam Payne has apologised to fans who were offended by his song ‘Both Ways’, after he was accused of being “biphobic”.

The hashtag #LiamPayneIsOverParty started trending worldwide on Twitter back in December, after he dropped his debut album LP1.

A lot of people took issue with his song ‘Both Ways’, in which Liam sings about having sex with a bisexual woman.

Responding to the controversy months later, Liam told the Daily Star: “I am sorry to anyone who got offended by certain songs or different things on the album, for sure.”

“It was never my intention with any of the writing or things I was doing. I was just challenging myself in different areas.”

“I was pigeonholed into this kind of thing and of course, I am a young guy I am interested in that sort of stuff, I like the idea of the songs and the grooves or certain vibes so I was like ‘Ok let’s go for it’.”

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Liam spoke out amid reports One Direction are set to reunite to mark their 10 year anniversary this July.

The bandmates fuelled rumours earlier this week, when they all started following ex 1D member Zayn Malik on social media. 

Zayn famously quit the band back in 2015, and severed ties with all four of his bandmates.

One year later, One Direction went on “hiatus”, and all members have since launched their own solo careers.

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