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Laura Anderson opens up about her split from Tom Brazier – revealing why they called it quits

The former couple split last month


Laura Anderson has opened up about her split from Tom Brazier.

The Love Island star went public with her personal trainer ex back in May, before announcing their split last month.

The Scottish beauty admitted she felt “so guilty” after ending things with Tom, but that she needed to be “a little bit selfish”.

Speaking with OK! Magazine, Laura explained: “It was my decision. I think it was the right thing to do.”

Laura confessed that she and Tom were in a “lockdown love bubble”, and that when she moved back to Scotland their love life wasn’t as easy.

“We did have plans for him to follow me up to Scotland and I think he really was still up for it. He was a great guy that I met in lockdown, but it’s not a normal situation to meet someone in.

“It’s like Love Island, you meet people in there and then you come out and people break up because it’s a different situation and your lives just don’t fit in together as much as you thought they would.

“We were neighbours so we only sort of had each other. It was lovely that he wanted to follow me up to Scotland, but I think that’s not always the right thing for them.”

She added: “Sometimes, when people move for you, you sort of have to look after them a little bit and I think for once in my life I want to be a little bit selfish.”

Laura revealed that she and Tom were still on good terms: “He’s been so lovely to me. He’s sent me flowers and a housewarming gift.

“It’s so horrible breaking up with someone – I felt so guilty,” she confessed, “I would much rather be dumped than have to break up with someone else.

“It wasn’t something I just decided quickly. I had been thinking about it and I was just a bit unsure. I think when the person is right, you’re not unsure.

“I just thought, ‘If I’m doubting this now and it’s still early on, then I have to just take a bit of a risk.'”

The news comes after Laura is reportedly growing close romantically to fellow Love Island star Jack Fincham.

During their appearance on Love Island: What Happened Next, which aired earlier this month, the reality stars made a pact to get married, if they’re both still single at the age of 40.

An insider told The Sun: “They have always been close, but lately they’ve grown more romantic with each other. Laura is based up in Scotland but sees Jack when she’s in London.”

“They really like each other and have even locked lips.”