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Laura Anderson hits back after follower criticises post about breast cancer prevention

The Love Island star has shared a post to mark Breast Cancer Awareness month


Laura Anderson has hit back at an Instagram follower, after they criticised her post about breast cancer prevention.

On Friday, the Love Island star marked Breast Cancer Awareness month by posting a photo of her in a cropped pink charity shirt.

Despite the important message behind her photo, Laura was accused of “sexualising” her post by showing her “underboob”.

One follower commented: “Laura, I’m a 43 year old woman, not a troll. My eldest daughter is 16 and a huge Love Island fan. I follow you because I think you’re a fabulous role model for young girls and you always strike me as a thoroughly decent person.”


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“This had the potential to be an excellent post, but I’m not sure why you have sexualised it by having your underboobs on show. You could have made your point without doing this.”

“You’re perfectly entitled to post whatever the hell you want, but this misses the mark for me. Sorry xx,” she added.

Laura hit back by replying: “This is the whole point! Boobs aren’t sexual, I should be able to show underboob while talking about breast cancer prevention. Our minds are warped into automatically thinking oh boob that’s distasteful.”

“I rest my case. I’m a woman, I have boobs, they need checked, so do yours, here’s my post! I hope it helps someone.”

In the comment section, Laura added: “I’m overly aware our breasts are for feeding our offspring for those strangely offended.”

“I like to point out the less obvious sometimes on here and of course the point of my post is not relating our chest to sexual references instead remembering to check them.”

“I stupidly thought the huge comparison would attract attention for an important cause and relate to my fellow females daily struggle of men ogling our assets. Half worked. Buy the t shirt.”