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Laura Anderson apologises to ‘everyone she upset’ by travelling to Dubai during the pandemic

"I felt guilty the whole time..."


Laura Anderson has apologised to “everyone she upset” by travelling to Dubai during the pandemic.

The Love Island star faced major backlash online after jetting off to the United Arab Emirates city despite government advice regarding travel.

The Glasgow native returned home earlier this month, where she has been self-isolating and is awaiting a home Covid test after falling ill.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, the 31-year-old took part in a Q&A, where her followers revealed the assumptions they had about her.

One follower wrote: “You felt guilty at times being in Dubai while UK was in lockdown.”

Laura responded: “Oh my god, I felt guilty the whole time. I don’t think anyone realised how bad the strain would get and how quickly.

“So hearing people that were upset at home, I felt horrendous,” she admitted.

“The backlash was horrendous and still is. I don’t expect anyone to understand my situation. I apologise to everyone I’ve upset. I truly mean that as it was never my intention.

“I genuinely felt it was my only coping mechanism as a single occupant.”

“I just wanted to see my family and not be alone over the holidays so I left before level 4 started on the 26th [of December],” she explained.

“I’m trying to start up a business there (which I wasn’t ready to share) but there ya go that’s the work I was doing, not influencing, you can do that pretty much anywhere, brand dependant.”


The reality star also addressed Olivia Attwood calling out influencers for travelling during the pandemic and stating it was for “work” purposes.

Laura said: “I don’t have anything against Olivia… I can’t speak for everyone or the choices people have made to travel but some reasoning might not be appropriate to share online.”

“I’m just being the devils advocate here. This being a heightened time of stress for EVERYONE I just don’t think sending messages to people you don’t know, to be helpful at all, no matter how angry you are.

“I’m sorry it’s just how I feel,” she added.

Laura was asked whether she thought the virus “couldn’t touch her”, to which she replied: “What planet are you on? No.

“I know a lot of people who have had it, I know a lot of people who have lost people… I cannot wait to get the vaccine.”