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Laura Anderson admits she kept move to Dubai private ‘in fear of backlash’

Laura Anderson has officially moved to Dubai.

The Love Island star admitted she was hesitant to share the news with her 1.4million Instagram followers, after previously facing major backlash for travelling to the UAE during the pandemic.

Taking to Instagram on Monday, the Glasgow native wrote: “I’m sorry for my recent radio silence. I’m not sure if anyone noticed over the past few weeks that I shared significantly less of myself on social media.”


“Sometimes being in the public eye, there can be a lot pressure to share every aspect of your life, like yesterday! 🧐 As you may have guessed, I have moved my life (and of course wee Buddy) back to my old home Dubai.”


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“Above are a few snaps of my first couple of days back in the sandpit in hope you will see I am at my happiest right now but for that reason I was hesitant to share this big life decision with you all in fear of negative backlash from press or online trolls.”

“This has always been a long-term process and It would mean the world to me to have your continued support as I am honestly so excited for my new life and all the adventures to come! 😬”

Laura added: “I hope you enjoy following my daily life and what the real Dubai has to offer, not just through an influencer’s eyes. And of course witness my possibly surprising business ideas come to life! 🤗”

“I am in love with this Emirate, it has given me so much throughout my 20s and still has so much more to offer. I can’t wait to show you what I have in store for the rest of 2021! 🤩🥰 ”

The 31-year-old, who lived in Dubai before her stint on Love Island in 2018, previously revealed she lost jobs and followers for travelling to the United Arab Emirates while the UK remained in a strict lockdown.

Defending her decision to travel to Dubai amid the pandemic, Laura said: “The reality for me coming here prior to lockdown just as an FYI was so I could still earn money because I ain’t a millionaire.”

“I live alone in Glasgow with no family or friends close enough that are allowed to travel to me. So for my own mental health being in Dubai I can be around my family and friends that still live here since I lived here for 8 years prior to Love Island, I still call UAE home.”

“I’m definitely not out and about everyday as I need to be on my laptop working and life here is strict but has loosened recently due to a lot worse restrictions than we endured at the start.”

“Some of you many already know this or you may not or you may not care. Thanks for your energy, I can take the punching bag treatment most of the time and to be honest I’d rather be the person you gave out to.”

Laura also apologised to “everyone she upset” by travelling to Dubai, admitting she felt guilty “the whole time”.

“The backlash was horrendous and still is. I don’t expect anyone to understand my situation. I apologise to everyone I’ve upset. I truly mean that as it was never my intention,” she said.


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