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Kerry Katona speaks out about Ant McPartlin’s return to work and says she is still trying ‘to save career’ following drug abuse

The presenter returned to work in January


Kerry Katona has spoken out about Ant McPartlin’s return to work and said that she is still trying “to save her career” following her drug abuse.

The former Atomic Kitten member struggled with drug addiction for years and claimed that it began after her mother gave her speed when she was just fourteen-years-old.

Kerry  has now spoken out about Ant’s return to work less than a year after he was arrested for drink driving and entered rehab.

“I’ve had to work my a*** off to save my career yet with Ant, eight months later he’s back winning awards as if nothing has happened,” she told The Mirror.

“He was driving a car p***** up and could have killed a child and he had his issues with drink and drugs. I think that says a lot about society.”

“I’m so proud of Ant for turning his life around and his sobriety,” she added.

Kerry went on to say that she believes she is still trying to salvage her career because she is a woman: “He’s done an amazing job, but it was like when I was on This Morning 10 years ago slurring my words due to bipolar medication, I’m still today crawling my way back up that ladder again. People don’t let me forget that.”

“When men have a ­breakdown or they do something bad they’re forgiven like that but when a woman has a ­breakdown or they turn to drugs, ­especially if you’re a mother you’re not as easily forgiven.”

“Being a mum, especially being a single mum, who has bipolar and mental health issues, who was a drug addict, I get his criticism and judgement.”

“But look at Ant and people like Russell Brand and Robbie Williams, even the Rolling Stones, it’s all cool for them to be ex-drug addicts or have kids with different women.”

“The whole This Morning ­incident, the drugs, the men, that’s not my legacy, that’s not who I am,” she continued.

Kerry added that she is going to continue to work to prove that she has changed: “I’ve accepted that part of my life, I’ll hold my hands up. You have to accept responsibility because you can’t move on otherwise. But I’m more than that and I will prove it to everyone.”

Ant returned to work in January, nine months after he was given a fine and temporary ban from driving as a result of driving under the influence.

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