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Kerry Katona discusses THAT infamous This Morning interview with her children

The reality was accused of "slurring her words" at the time 

Pictures: G. McDonnell / VIPIRELAND.COM

Kerry Katona has spoken to her children about her infamous 2008 This Morning interview where she was accused of “slurring her words” amid fears she was drunk on the show.

In a video posted to the star’s new Youtube channel, the Mum of five sat down with her three youngest children Heidi, 13, Maxwell, 12, Dylan-Jorge “DJ”, 5 and boyfriend Ryan Mahoney to discuss the clip.

Kerry then spoke of the effect which the interview had on her career stating she lost sponsorships and brand deals as a result of it, but explained she was taking bipolar medication at the time.


Kerry stated that as a result of her bipolar medication, it would take her speech a while to catch up to her in the mornings.

This delay in her speech led to many believing that the star was drunk during the interview, a claim which Kerry denied.

She told her children: “‘Because my speech was slurred, people actually think I was drunk on the show. That was pure medication and that’s what winds me up.”


Kerry’s daughter Heidi then said that the clip has been parodied on social media site Tik Tok, “people make fun of it.”

When asked how it makes her feel to see that she replied “I’m fine with it because I know you’re not drunk.”

Son Maxwell then remarked that he is similarly not embarrassed seeing the clip, joking that it’s just like “a regular day.”


Kerry stressed that she was showing this to her children in order to teach them “not to judge someone until you know the ins and outs of everything.”

The comments section of the video, which has gained over 13,000 views since being posted on August 4th, are full of praise for Kerry and how open she is being with her children.

One commenter wrote: “I love how you are totally honest with your kids, Thank you for being an open real celeb, a proper mum that has brought her kids up with their open to what the real world is like.”