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Katie Price reveals son Harvey is in intensive care after being rushed to hospital

The 18-year-old is at risk of going into a coma

Katie and Harvey | Instagram

Katie Price has revealed that her 18-year-old son Harvey is in intensive care.

The mother-of-five took to Instagram Sunday night to confirm the news, after she was told Harvey was at risk of a heart attack or organ failure.

Harvey suffers from a rare genetic condition called Prader-Willi syndrome, and he’s also partially blind and on the autistic spectrum.

Sharing a photo with her eldest son, Katie wrote: “I can confirm Harvey is in intensive care and in the best hands.”

“I would like to thank the ambulance services and the hospital staff for the quick response and making him stable,” she added.

Harvey was rushed to hospital with breathing problems after his temperature shot up to a dangerously high 42 degrees, risking going into a coma.

A source told The Sun that Katie was fearing the worst: “Katie has been preparing herself for this moment all his life and she’s been told Harvey is in a perilous condition.”


“She’s trying to be tough and strong, but inside she’s falling apart and feels helpless.”

“Doctors need  to get his temperature down. He’s in a really bad way,” the source added.

Katie was “devastated” that she was unable to stay overnight in ICU with her son due to new COVID-19 visiting restrictions.


Last month, Harvey faced another health scare after experiencing chest pains that felt like “pins and needles” at his sister Princess’ 13th birthday party.

Katie opened up about the experience to The Sun: “When Harvey went into hospital, I feared the worst. I always do.”

“The doctors have told me he’s at high risk of having a heart attack. He’s 27 and a half stone, wears 5XL clothes and he gets out of breath walking up the stairs. So of course I panicked.”

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