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Katie Price responds to reports she’s losing her house – after being declared bankrupt

The former glamour model has spoken out


Katie Price has responded to reports she’s losing her house, after she was recently declared bankrupt.

The 41-year-old’s home in Kent, which has been dubbed her “mucky mansion”, has been undergoing renovations for a quite some time.

Speaking on Flex FM, Katie said: “Let me just say one thing – I don’t live at my house, it’s empty. What they call the ‘mucky mansion’ is being done up.”

“I’m not losing my house, I’m not selling my house, I’m keeping my house.”

The TV personality also denied claims that her electricity had been shut off, and said: “My house lights up like a UFO at night.”

Let’s hope Katie sorts her “mucky mansion” out soon, as she’s signed up to appear on Living With Lucy next year – which will follow Irish TV presenter Lucy Kennedy as she moves in with Katie for a few days.

Katie was declared bankrupt last month, after failing to meet monthly repayments of her debts.

The mother-of-five entered an Individual Voluntary Agreement last December in which she agreed to pay back her creditors £12,000 a month over four years.

The agreement, if met, would allow Katie to take control of her finances and avoid bankruptcy.

Upon failing to keep up with her repayments this year, Katie’s fate was decided by an Insolvency and Companies Court in London.

The former glamour model’s pink Land Rover was repossessed in November, and Pricey also faces repossession of any other assets in order to clear her large debts.