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Katie Hopkins warned by POLICE for encouraging people to break lockdown rules

The controversial star asked people to keep visiting local stores


Katie Hopkins has been given a warning by the police for breaking the coronavirus lockdown rules and encouraging others to do the same.

The controversial star posted a video on Twitter encouraging people to visit a garden center that had refused to close during the lock-down.

She tweeted: “This weekend we need to Dig for Victory. I applaud places like #PlantsGalore for defying bureaucrats (with guaranteed salaries & big pensions) using common sense and staying open Customers 2 meters apart. Same as supermarkets. More vital than beer & cigs.”

Standing in front of the Plants Galore garden center, she said: “This place needs to try and keep the local jobs going, it needs to try and keep business afloat.”

She continued: “The thing everyone wants to talk about is mental health and mental health issues. I would say that keeping garden centers open is an essential thing to be doing because it helps with peoples mental health.”

Angry followers called for the police to respond to the 45-year-old’s video, which they did.

Commenting on Twitter, the Devon Cornwall police said: “Hi Katie. Over 30 people have now sadly died of COVID-19 in Devon alone and their families are now living with their tragic loss.”

“Now more than ever we need everyone to work with us to encourage people to stay home, protect the NHS and save lives.”

“As a member of the Devon community, do the right thing and join the community effort to protect each other.”

 Despite this, Katie further Tweeted that she will “continue to support #PlantsGalore and purchase plants alone and with appropriate social distancing.”

She added “Supermarkets sell plants. Off licenses are open. Mental health matters.”

 Katie also shared an interview she did for the news where she accused the UK police of being hypocritical.

She criticized the police for “putting drones up and monitoring very innocent middle-class white people out walking their dogs” but that the they were allowing Muslim funerals of 100 people to take place.

She added that there are “two very different forms of policing going on in the UK.”

“One for white middle-class people and their dogs, and a different form of policing for Muslims who are going on as normal.”