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Kate Garraway praises her ‘heroic’ children amid husband Derek’s health battle

Kate Garraway has praised her “heroic” children amid her husband Derek’s health battle.

The Good Morning Britain presenter shares two children with the former lobbyist – a 15-year-old daughter named Darcey and an 11-year-old son named Billy.

Derek was hospitalised for over a year after contracting Covid-19 last March, and finally returned home to his family earlier this month – where he continues to receive around-the-clock care.

Speaking on Radio 2 to Zoe Ball this morning, Kate revealed Derek is still unable to speak, and praised her children for learning how to communicate with him.

She said: “He isn’t really able to speak at the moment so he can’t tell him off, I have to be the bad guy! [The kids] are besides themselves to have him home. They are my heroes.”

“They know instinctively how to talk to him but not ask too much from him. In a way that grown-ups want to see the old Derek, they have an instinct, there is a lot of love there.”

Opening up about how life has been since Derek returned home, Kate said: “It feels like yesterday, I am still in a whirlwind. He’s doing amazingly.”

“The moment he came through the door was euphoric and since then we have been adjusting to Derek’s new normal and the hope is he will be able to progress.”

“At the moment he needs everything doing for him. It’s 24 hour care. Just looking for the little moment…”

“The big aim is that bringing home into that environment will help to raise his conscious and make him more aware and lift him out basically the disordered conscious and effects of Covid.”

Kate will open up about her husband’s battle with the coronavirus in her upcoming book ‘The Power of Hope’, which is set for release on April 29.

Derek’s body was ravaged by the virus, and is still fighting issues with his lungs, heart, kidneys, liver and pancreas.



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