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Kate Garraway cries ‘happy tears’ as she reveals ‘magical’ moment with husband Derek

Kate Garraway has cried “happy tears”, as she revealed a “magical” moment with her husband Derek.

Derek was hospitalised last March after contracting Covid-19, and finally came home to his family last month after over a year in ICU.

The former lobbyist continues to receive around-the-clock care after his body was ravaged by the virus, and is still unable to speak.


Kate appeared on Lorraine this morning on her 54th birthday, and shared a heartwarming update on her husband’s recovery.

“I would say [it was] miraculous, but I don’t want to bandy that word around too much,” she said.

“At the moment, the family and I are looking at lots of different things with Derek. He’s home, we can hug him, that’s a miracle in itself.”

“Then we’re looking for little bits of him to come more back to us, and last night I said to him as I was tucking him in and we were doing various medical bits, I said, ‘Oh by the way, it’s my birthday tomorrow.'”

“I may have imagined it but he looked a bit worried and I said, ‘Oh don’t worry, I’m not expecting anything, my birthday present is you being home. I’m going to pop in and see you before I go early and see Lorraine.'”

“So I came in this morning and I said, ‘Right I’m all ready’, my mum and my dad were there and of course the nurses are there, I said, ‘I’m off to Lorraine now, is there anything you want to say to me?’ And he said, ‘Oh, happy birthday.'”

Tearing up, Kate said: “It makes me feel a bit emotional actually, but it’s happy tears, I won’t look at you for a minute.”

“Not to be technical about it, I sound like I’m analysing everything but that is massive,” the presenter added.

“It’s wonderful that he says happy birthday because that’s what I want to hear but also, we’re looking for things he can hold.”

“I told him that the night before, I had to prompt him a little bit, but he held that idea that it was my birthday and managed to connect it back and repeat it out. That’s wonderful, signs like that are just fantastic.”


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