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Kate Garraway admits first Christmas without her husband Derek was a ‘challenge’

Kate Garraway has admitted her first Christmas without her husband Derek was a “challenge”.

The presenter’s husband was admitted to hospital on March 30 after contracting Covid-19, but sadly he remains seriously ill.

Taking to Instagram today, the 53-year-old wrote: “Well here we are folks – #newyearseve – the last day of a year few will be sorry to see the back of.

“Have been quiet for a while – getting through Christmas has been a challenge hasn’t it with all the emotions it stirs in our strange world & no where really to put them – except in hope.”

“And there is still so much real hope out there. Not just in the extraordinary health care workers & researchers who definitely hold a bright light for the future. But in all the little kindnesses.”

Kate went on to thank the companies that had helped her out over the festive season, after her home was flooded.

“We had a calamitous few days in the run up to Christmas – but we got through thanks to some wonderful people,” she explained.

“The guys from @bondconstruction who literally got on their hands & knees with me to bucket out water after we had 2 pipe leaks that flooded our home.”


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Kate thanked fellow presenter Emma Willis and Marks & Spencer for helping her get food for Christmas Day, British Gas for helping her get a fridge and freezer to store the food, Sky for getting her TV and WiFi back working, and her ITV team for their “constant support”.

“Sending love & virtual hugs to all of you who have sent messages – spreading the love is what will give us all a truly happy new year. 💕💕💕💕💕”.

Kate previously admitted she felt “physically sick” at the thoughts of celebrating Christmas while Derek remained in hospital.

Kate with husband Derek and their two kids | INSTAGRAM

Speaking on Good Morning Britian, Kate told her co-host Ben Shephard: “I feel physically sick actually and can feel my chest tightening at the thought of it.

“I’m in total panic about the idea of me, Darcey and Billy on our own this Christmas unable to visit Derek because of potential restrictions.

“That huge emotional hole, and I don’t know how to fill it, without grandparents and without friends helping to fill it.

“It feels like such a significant moment as all festivals are. I do feel in a panic about it, but we’re in this situation because of the spread of a disease that at the moment doesn’t have a cure.”

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